ayy im yola and i have an obsession over boys with nerd glasses dont ask


Hey guys! sorry for the crappy edit but i’m lazy, but i decided it’s been a while since ive made one of these and i’m so sorry if i didn’t include you i follow over 500+ blogs and if i included everyone, this post would be too long but that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate everyone i follow, so check out my blogroll 

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Again, i’m so sorry if you’re not on here that doesn’t mean that i’m going to unfollow you it’s just that I didn’t want to make this too long and these are mostly the people i see on my dash 24/7. This isn’t even half the people I follow but check out my BLOGROLL for the rest!


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Never going to Karaoke with you, Meredith…

July 27: Justin onstage with Grace Kesablak at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards